Monday, July 22, 2024

OTO promotes calm at Selfridges

Interview with OTO chief executive James Bagley

Busy shoppers on London’s Oxford Street were treated to soothing sounds and visuals from OTO’s first window-display in Selfridge’s department store. The beauty and wellness CBD brand, OTO, uses in its marketing words like “balance”, “focus”, “harmony”, “refresh” and “thoughtful”, and the week-long window-display in early July was aimed at “encouraging calm” with its depiction of dawn breaking.

The co-founder of OTO, Gemma Colao, comments, “It’s so liberating to see CBD become a feature on Oxford Street, with our beautiful Selfridges window. Helping Londoners to find their space with the powerful use of sound, we have commissioned an installation of almost 1,000 origami leaves, that have transformed into beautiful birds, representing the ever-evolving discovery and power of CBD, setting it free of any stigma. We are proud to be partnering with one of London’s most iconic stores on such an exciting OTO moment.”

A company statement explains the thinking behind the display: “This eye-catching scene frees the leaf from the constraints of stigma, celebrating the beauty and delicacy of this powerful legal ingredient. The window itself, represents symbiosis and the cycle of life, through a powerful depiction of OTO’s distinctive products, inspired by the daytime range, such as Power Drops, to the night-time range, including the award-winning Sleep Drops. The installation has been guided by the natural ingredients used within OTO’s products, including calming lavender, potent sandalwood and the relaxing bergamot.”

Inside Selfridges, OTO products were promoted in the food hall, showcasing its day to night range, with Power Drops and Sleep Drops.

Launched in 2019, OTO’s collection includes oil roll-ons, RTD shots, cocktail bitters, pillow mists and most recently, skincare.

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