Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tilray launches POLLEN CBD range on Amazon UK

A new brand POLLEN has joined the CBD wellness products available on Amazon UK. It has been launched by Tilray, the Canada-founded, cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution company which now has teams on the ground in seven countries, and supplies products on five continents, according to company statements.

The launch marketing includes encouragement for consumers to join “the community” which can be accessed at @withPollen. The stated aims for the brand are “to normalise CBD usage through education, transparency and credibility within the CBD market, and the growth of a community to create the first globally accessible CBD lifestyle brand in the world.”

In the POLLEN range are CBD gummies and drink drops in three lines, Powerbank, No Pressure, and Soothe You.

Powerbank has been developed to give consumers “that ‘full tank’ feeling”, as company marketing describes it. The gummies are a combination of lemon, orange and cacao, and the drink drops include citrus, lemon, orange, and coffee. The aim is to “promote a natural energy boost”.

No Pressure has been created for “those seeking to relax”. The gummies include grapefruit, turmeric and cayenne, and the drink drops are “packed with a punch of blackcurrant”.

Soothe You is “all about finding that sense of serenity and balance”. The  gummies include a blend of chamomile, honey, and cherry, and the drink drops are “a breath of fresh air with tasty hints of grapefruit and raspberry”.

The ingredients are described as “vegan-friendly”.

The products are all listed as ‘awaiting evidence’ on the Food Standards Agency public list.

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