Monday, June 10, 2024

Rebelicious CBD drinks on the shelves at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s supermarkets are trialling two CBD canned drinks made by the Cornish brand, Rebelicious. One of the big four retailers, Sainsbury’s has a track record of trialling various CBD products.

This can be a big help to a fairly new business, as Tilly Amey, a co-founder of Rebelicious, explains: “It means a lot to us, and enables us as a small independent business to really show off our products to a larger audience. It also brings awareness to our customers of our sustainability ethos as well as enjoying delicious drinks at the same time.”

The drinks are both alcohol-free, and manufactured over the border in Devon. There is a sparkling cream soda flavoured with organic Madagscan vanilla extract, and a sparkling cola with ethically-sourced kola nut extract, according to details supplied by Rebelicious. The CBD is sourced from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado. The company claims that these are the first cream soda and cola drinks in the UK to have CBD as an ingredient.

The team at Rebelicious is working on more CBD drinks, and has plans to launch two new flavours next year.

The retail price for each Rebelicious can at Sainsbury’s is £2.50. The supermarket chain stocks a limited selection of CBD products including at present other canned drinks from Trip CBD, Drink 420, Vita Coco, Lo Bros CBD and Wow CBD, a cucumber, mint and Baobab shot from Unrooted CBD, and toiletries from This Works Stress Check CBD.

Earlier this year, reported that Wizards Magic CBD chocolate bars were being trialled by Sainsbury’s. These are no longer stocked by the supermarket.

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