Wednesday, June 12, 2024

MP joins board of CBD firm

Dr Daniel Poulter MP has joined the board of medical cannabis r&d company, Kanabo.

A former government health minister, and chair of the all-party parliamentary group for global health, Dr Poulter has been appointed a non-executive director to the board. He is a member of the Conservative party, and his constituency is Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

A report from Kanabo describes Dr Poulter as having a “detailed knowledge of the drugs and medicines regulatory framework in the UK. His blend of medical, governmental, and healthcare policy experience makes him well positioned to support Kanabo’s mission to establish and lead a regulated medicinal cannabis market in the UK and Europe.”

A practising NHS psychiatrist, Dr Poulter comments, “As a doctor, I am increasingly aware of the potential of cannabis-based medicines. Cannabis products are fast becoming available that could deliver significant improvements to the lives of thousands of patients suffering from conditions ranging from chronic pain to post traumatic stress disorder.

“Kanabo is an established leader in medical cannabis research and innovation. As such, the company is creating a new standard in the industry by providing better and safer access to such cannabis medications. I am pleased to be able to lend my knowledge and experience to the company’s work in this crucially important endeavour.”

Avihu Tamir, the CEO of Kanabo Group, says, “Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the business that strengthens our team as we build a medicinal cannabis market in the UK and Europe.”

Kanabo’s focus is on developing and commercialising both THC-free CBD products for consumers, and cannabis-derived medical products for patients. Its research lab is at the Weizmann Science Park in Israel, and it is targeting markets in the UK and Germany. Currently, Kanabo is selling its line of CBD formulas for inhalation in the UK and Germany and has agreements with distributors in the pharmaceutical and OTC sectors already in place, according to company reports.

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