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Cellular Goods skincare products bring CBG to Debenhams

Following in the footsteps of its RTO partner Cannaray CBD, Cellular Goods has announced that eight of its Look Better skincare products are now stocked by online retail platform, Debenhams. They are the first cannabigerol-based (CBG) skincare products to be sold on this platform, according to Cellular Goods.

The range includes four ‘rejuvenating’ products, three of them launched by Cellular Goods last month with claims that the blend of CBD and CBG protects skin from UV damage and inflammation which are causes of skin ageing.

The 53 year-old supermodel Helena Christensen is the ‘face’ of the company’s rejuvenating skincare marketing campaign. Cellular is hoping to benefit from her social media presence—she has one million followers on Instagram. Ms Christensen’s post on Tuesday 18 October, with a reel “behind the scenes for the @Cellulargoods campaign”, has had over 2,200 likes. As for the product, she posts “my skin is loving the results”.

Supermodel Helena Christensen is the face of Cellular Goods’ marketing campaign for its rejuvenating skincare line

The rejuvenating range comprises face serum (£99 for 30ml or £54 for 15ml), night cream (£89 for 50ml), SPF 25 day cream ((£79 for 50ml) and day mousse (£69 for 50ml)

Alongside the rejuvenating products, Debenhams is stocking Cellular’s calming after shaving moisturiser (£59 for 50ml or £32 for 30ml), cannabinoid face serum (£99 for 30ml) and cannabinoid face oil (£79 for 30ml). 

Cellular Goods has its own e-commerce site, and sells online through Amazon, and in Voyager’s shops in Edinburgh, St Andrew’s and Dundee. Interim CEO Darcy Taylor outlines what the new outlet will bring to the brand:

“Debenhams is a household name, with millions of people visiting its online marketplace every month. By launching our products on the Debenhams e-commerce site, we are taking another step in our efforts to continue increasing Cellular Goods’ visibility and expanding our sales channels. We are delighted that our products are now available on and we are excited to be working alongside them to help ensure their customers can more easily access our products and take advantage of all their outstanding benefits.”

Cellular also announced in September that its products are being shipped to the US. In time for Christmas shopping, it has launched four gift sets.

Last month, LSE-listed Cellular Goods announced a proposed acquisition of Cannaray and Love CBD Health, stating that a letter of intent had been signed “pursuant to which Cellular Goods will acquire 100% of the issued share capital of the Cannaray Subsidiaries… Should the transaction complete, it would constitute a reverse take-over…under the listing rules.”

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