Monday, April 22, 2024

CBD use for autism symptoms up during pandemic suggests survey

In a survey carried out by Autism Parenting Magazine, 18.6% of respondents globally indicated that they use CBD products to relieve their child’s autism symptoms. In the UK the figure was 14.29% and in the US it was 22.16%. The third grouping noted is “rest of the world” at 15.45%. Almost one third of respondents had started using CBD products during the covid pandemic.

The survey was sent out to more than 160,000 email subscribers worldwide, but the report doesn’t indicate how many responded. Of those that did, 72.4% identified themselves as “autism parents”; others were grandparents, teachers, carers, therapists, doctor or individuals on the spectrum.

Only 20.1% of respondents had a doctor’s prescription for CBD, although 21.7% noted that a doctor had made the recommendation to try it. While 76.3% used CBD only, 13.7% used a CBD/THC combination.

The sorts of symptoms being treated include anxiety relief (42.9%), challenging behaviour (36.9%), a need for sleep and relaxation (8.1%), pain relief and inflammation (5.1%) and seizures (4.3%).

Oils in the form of oral drops and topical sprays were by far the most popular medium at 60.8%, followed by gummies and topicals at 21.5% and lotions or balms at 5.1%.

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