Monday, April 22, 2024

Cannaray CBD on the Waitrose shopping list

Kumquats, kitchen roll, ciabatta, CBD oil… Supermarket shopping lists are increasingly including a new ingredient. Waitrose’s decision to start stocking Cannaray CBD products—the first CBD food supplements in the supermarket’s offering—is another milestone in CBD’s move into the mainstream.

Tim Clarke, the managing director of Cannaray, discussed the CBD industry trend of increasingly selling through grocery retailers with CBD “Up until 2020, CBD was typically a category sold through health food stores, pharmacies and branded websites. This year, there has been a significant increase in visibility within major grocery retailers. Most grocery retailers now stock CBD within the high visibility vitamins and supplements main aisle fixture. This is proving to be highly successful in growing overall category sales and continuing to raise CBD’s profile as a regular part of millions of shoppers’ wellness routine.”

Tim Clarke, MD of Cannaray:”This year there has been a significant increase in visibility [for CBD products] within major grocery stores.”

Cannaray products are already stocked by two of ‘the big four’, Tesco and Asda, and by pharmacy chains. Will the relationship with Waitrose be a different kind of partnership? In its launch publicity, Cannaray notes that its own brand and Waitrose both seek to supply quality products. Mr Clarke expands on this to CBD “Cannaray is proud of its partnerships across the major retailers, and we adapt our plans to align with each individual retailer’s strategy. The Waitrose and Cannaray teams are passionate about tapping into the CBD category opportunity as one of the major health and wellness trends through and beyond covid. You can expect to see in-store and online CBD shopper activation very soon.”

Plans are underway to support that marketing drive through internal promotions at Waitrose, but details are under wraps for now says Mr Clarke.

Cannaray products are the first CBD food supplements to be stocked by Waitrose

Seven Cannaray products will be available in the 250 Waitrose stores nationwide, and online from The CBD range comprises gummies, Night Time Oil Drops (10ml and 30ml), Bright Days Capsules, (200mg and 600mg) and Bright Days Oil Drops (10ml and 30ml).

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