Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Brilliant milestone for Alfie Dingley—1,000 days seizure-free

Alfie Dingley, his family, friends and well-wishers are celebrating. Alfie has passed the milestone of being seizure-free for 1,000 days. His epilepsy is treated with NHS-prescribed medicinal cannabis, and his family’s campaign was a significant factor in enabling the change in the law in the UK to allow NHS prescribing of such medicines in November 2018.

Despite the change in the law, very few NHS prescriptions have since been written. Alfie’s mother Hannah Deacon is co-founder of Medcan Support, a non-profit organisation offering education about botanical medicines and the endocannabinoid system, alongside support for patients and families, particularly those with children with refractory epilepsy. 

Medcan has posted a video of Alfie and Hannah celebrating the 1,000-day milestone on YouTube. Hannah has a serious message—a request for support for its crowdfunding campaign to pay for a first member of staff for Medcan. Alfie has some fantastic pictures of dogs to show you, and there are opportunities for waving. As he says, brilliant!

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